Monday, 7 May 2012

The McPhail Kilt

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Above is a picture of my father-in-law's kilt that we made for him in the "MacPhail Hunting(Ancient)" Tartan.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Heritage of Scotland Kilt

This is another one of the beautiful kilt's we have made. This one will be the one Amanda will be wearing next year at highland games and various events, in 16 oz Heritage of Scotland tartan pleated to the sett.

Back (pleats)

We are currently working on selecting highland games and events to make our appearances at for next year.  Check back with us for dates and times.

Also, if there is anyone interested in purchasing a kilt in the "Heritage of Scotland" tartan pictured here please contact us at

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Band Kilt to the Sett

Top apron, pleats and under apron.
Here's a few pictures of a kilt we have done in the MacDougall tartan and pleated to the sett. Front apron, pleats and under apron are all the same with the green featured in the centre. It is a small kilt for a child, made with room to grow. The buckles have been made for an inch adjustment, there's a hidden pleat sewn in for further growth. A three inch hem has also been added.

Top band  attached matching the vertical stripes on the top apron

Pleats to the sett. matching fabric for buckles and sporran loops

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Band Kilt Under Construction

Recently we've been working on a kilt for the Okanagan Caledonian Pipe band. 

The tartan is the Ancient Caledonian Tartan, a district tartan. These kilts are pleated to the double black stripes on blue.

(Picture on left) Stitching the top band. 
All our kilts are 100% hand stitched in the traditional way. This is our own personal preference because we believe that keeping the art of kilt making alive is important to our heritage. We take pride in our work and view every kilt we make is a piece of art

(Picture on right) The pleats are stitched and basted. The top band and sporran loops are attached.

Notice, the horizontal lines are perfectly straight across the pleats.

The kilt, at this stage is ready for pressing. In the picture the kilt is lacking the buckles and straps which are added after the kilt is pressed.

Fringe at the edge of the front apron. Normally we do a double fringe but we wanted to match the previous band kilts as much as possible which was sewn with triple fringe. So we tried it with this kilt and we are quite pleased with the results.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Paul's kilt

The MacPhail Tartan (ancient)

Finished MacPhail Kilt
This is our own family tartan kilt, the MacPhail tartan. There are several different variations on this tartan but we took a personal liking to the shades of blue and green in the ancient MacPhail tartan.
The new spelling of our family name to McPhail is actually only two generations old, before it was spelled MacPhail. The name MacPhail actually means "son of Paul".

The picture on the left is the MacPhail kilt that Paul made for himself. As you can see, it fits him perfectly with the kilt falling straight down from where the hip measurement is taken. 

It was his own preference to pleat to the red stripe for a more subtle look rather than to the white or even the black. This way also shows off the kilt's blues and greens without pleating to the sett.

On the right is the same kilt worn by Paul in the Peachland Canada Day Parade as drum major for the Okanagan Caledonian Pipe Band.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Early kilt making days

Paul sewing the "steeking"

These are some pictures from the early days of our kilt making when Paul was making practice kilts to give away to deserving members of our family. The top is Paul sewing the steeking on the BC tartan kilt.

The BC tartan has five different colours in it that signify blue for the pacific ocean, white for the province's official flower (dogwood), green for forest, red for the maple leaf on the Canadian flag and gold for the sun and crown on the provincial flag. The tartan was created as a centennial project in 1967, designed by Earl K. Ward from Victoria.

BC Tartan made for Amanda's Dad.

MacPhail Kilt under construction, pleated to the sett.
Under side facing up in the picture above.

Small boy's kilt for our 3 year old son done a year ago for him, made with a hem to be let down when he grew. We even custom knitted kilt hose for him to wear with it.